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Affiliated Research Programs

First Last Department Email Address Research and Teaching Interests
Tej Bhatia LLL forensic linguistics; translation, social-psychological information extraction, bilingualism; "critical" languages; area, language, and national security education
Pinyuen Chen Math cluster analysis, classification; statistics (collaboration with Ken Foster); multiple target detection (funded by Air Force); detection among large number of signals; covalent matrices
Tanya Eckert Psychology assessing and improving behavioral problems
Scott Erdman Biology mechanisms of adhesion and pathogenesis in fungi; cell surface markers associated with fungal differentiation and pathogenesis; lipid and membrane homeostasis mechanisms in fungi and eucaryotic cells
Kathy Everly LLL Spanish language, culturally-bound perceptions of death and dying
Stefano Giannini LLL Italian language; effectiveness of governments in three African countries with Italian connections: Somalia, Ethiopia, and Eritrea
Mike Goode English history of British detective literature; the emergence of the legal concept of conspiracy in eighteenth and ninteenth-century British detective novels; relationship between the rise of the novel and the early development of forensic science
Rania Habib LLL conversation analysis; cross-cultural communication; bilingualism;second dialect acquisition; language variation and change (particularly in relation to Standard Arabic and vernacular Arabic dialects) from a sociolinguistic perspective; pragmatics
Matt LaHaye Physics development of novel nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS); quantum entanglement; development of ultrasensitive NEMS-based measurement techniques for studying quantum measurement and, in the future, for bio-sensing applications
George Langford Biology cell and molecular biology of the actin cytoskeleton in health and disease; organelle/vesicle transport in axons of nerve cells; migration of human epithelial cells; pathogenic response of human oral keratinocytes
Matilde Maria Mateo-Sevilla Fine Arts national stereotyping through art of the Middle Ages and 19th century, European and Spanish nationalisms, perceptions of Islam and Judaism from a Christian/West perspective
Britton Plourde Physics experimental studies of vortex dynamics and quantum coherence in nanofabricated superconducting devices; nature of entanglement in superconducting circuits; materials for improving the coherence of superconducting quantum circuits
Ramesh Raina Biology receptor kinase proteins of the model plant Arabidopsis; sentinel plants that are capable of sensing and reporting variety of environmental stimuli, including, for example, chemical and biological warfare agents (funded by DARPA)
Peter Saulson Physics mechanical properties of materials in realms specialized to ultra-high sensitivity interferometry for gravitational wave detection
Richard Schnee Physics detection of extremely low levels of radioactivity; developing world's most sensitive detector of non-penetrating radiation from radioactivity on surfaces
Kari Segraves Biology DNA sequencing, AFLP genotyping, microsatellites; evolutionary interactions between plants and insects
Donald Siegel Earth Sci. tracing sources of hydrocarbon, solvent, and other chemical contamination in waters and air
Laurence Thomas Philosophy evolutionary biology; merely different vs. threatening behaviors; concepts of diversity in relation to security
Jason Wiles Biology biology education; evolution; incorporations of forensic science into biology education
Amy Wyngard LLL French language, literature, and culture
Jon Zubieta Chemistry structures and identification of explosives; MOF sensors